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About Deposit

Credit Card Payment

For each transaction, deposit of RM 200 is required and will be returned between 14 and 21 working days for credit card account after product return.

Wifibaby Care

Provide a secured compensation in a fixed range when loss, theft or damage of the Equipment arises during the service. This is only RM 10 per day and per device.

Compensation Item Original compensation amount Secured compensation plan
Pocket Wifi Device RM 700 RM 350
External Battery RM 80 RM 40
USB Cable RM 25 RM 12
Adaptor RM 50 RM 25
Bag RM 25 RM 12
Card Replacement Fee RM 150 RM 75

What includes:

Pocket Wi-Fi


USB Cable

Protective Bag

How to:


Open the pocket Wi-Fi



Search for SSID and enter password



Connect network


Kindly reminders:

  • To ensure stock availability, highly recommend to make order 14 days in advance.
  • Customers could pick-up the pocket Wi-Fi 1 day before or by departure.
  • Customers could contact us by service hotline for any connection issue during the trip.
  • Customers should return the pocket Wi-Fi 1 day after or by arrival.
  • For overdue, customers would be charged by original daily rental and RM22 as administration fee.
  • For instant travel, customers should visit our branches for making order. Availability cannot be guaranteed.


Q1: How long does the battery last for each charging?
A1: All of our pocket Wi-Fi are the latest version. For each charging, the battery can last for over 5 hours. Some of them could be more long-lasting for 10 hours.
Q2: How many people could share the Wi-Fi hotspot at the same time?
A2: Most of our pocket Wi-Fi could spontaneously connect 5 devices. High recommend to connect within the distance of 15 meters.
Q3 Is it necessary to bring along with a portable charger?
A3: No, it is not a must.
Q4: What is Pocket Wi-Fi? Can I use it in mainland China?
A4: It is a portable wireless Wi-Fi transmitter, which turns local network into Wi-Fi signal for cell phone or computer internet access. It could be used in specific destination countries only except mainland China. For login page bounce out, it is normal and please enter password to retry.
Q5: Do I need to apply international roaming for overseas Wi-Fi service?
A5: You just simply search and connect your device to our Wi-Fi network (SSID). Some cell phone may not require a phone card. Make sure your cell phone is on with airplane mode.
Q6: Is the Pocket Wi-Fi coverage everywhere of destination country?
A6: The pocket Wi-Fi are using local network and covering 95% of the region on average. The connection performance may varied from different areas. For example, suburban areas, subway, highway and continental railway are more likely to be defected.
Q7: What should I do if connection failed?
A7: Please follow the instruction leaflet inside the protective bag and re-boot or re-install the SIM card. If there is no changes, please contact us by service hotline, Whatsapp(011-33167228) for aid when you have found a free WiFi spot.
Q8: Where can I find the login of pocket Wi-Fi? Can I change the password?
A8: The login details could be found at the back of each pocket Wi-Fi and the surface of protective bag. SSID is the login name; Characters after “KEY” is password. Each pocket Wi-Fi has their unique login. No amendment is allowed.